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Archival Services: In the Archives

SUA Archives

The SUA Archives hosts a unique collection of institutional records and other material documenting the rich history of Soka University of America.

Below is a list of just some of the resources we have available. Please click on the links for more information and some samples from our collection. To learn more, please contact us at

Items from the University Archives are displayed on a rotating schedule in the Ikeda Library 4th floor Grand Reading Room and in the Ikeda Library foyer. Archives items are also featured from time to time on the Ikeda Library Facebook page

Additional items will be listed in the future


SUA 00 - History of Soka Education and SUA Founder

SUA 01 - University History (Buildings & Grounds, and Events)

SUA 02 - University General

SUA 03 - Administration and Finance

SUA 04 - Academic Affairs and Programs

SUA 05 - Student Affairs, Office of the Dean of Students

SUA 06 - Student Organizations and Activities (Non Academic)

SUA 07 - Alumni Organizations and Activities

SUA 08 - Publications of the University, Faculty and Staff

SUA 09 - Publications and Works of Students, Alumni

SUA 10 - Publications Related to the University by Outside

SUA 11 - Lectures and Addresses (transcriptions)

SUA 12 - Videos, Audios and Other Time-Based Medias

SUA 13 - Photographs, photo albums, and visual representations

SUA 14 - Memorabilia

SUA 15 - Art and Special Items

A list of records in the SUA Archives

History of Soka Education and SUA Founder, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda

Includes history of Soka Education, as well as speeches and addresses by Dr. Daisaku Ikeda

  • History of Soka Education
  • Speeches, Essays, and Messages by Dr. Daisaku Ikeda
    • Addressing Soka University of America on special occasions, i.e. Entrance Ceremony, Commencement, Festivals
    • Peace Proposals
    • New Human Revolution select articles
    • Select Daisaku Ikeda messages on the topic of Soka education
    • Gifts from Daisaku Ikeda for special SULA/SUA occasions

University History (Buildings, Grounds, and Events)

Includes university planning and construction records, and special events such as opening day, building dedication ceremonies, and anniversaries.

  • SUA Commencement Records
    The SUA Archives Office collects and preserves a variety of items related to Graduate School and Undergraduate commencement ceremonies. Print records include news articles, invitations, programs, tickets, student commencement guides, and transcriptions of commencement speeches or messages by Founder Daisaku Ikeda, President Daniel Habuki, guest speakers, and honored students. Audio-visual materials include photographs and videorecordings of commencement ceremonies. Memorabilia include a cap and gown.

Publications of the University, Faculty, and Staff

Includes materials created for public viewing or wide distribution,/p>

  • Calabasas campus, general publications (before 2006)
  • Student music recital programs
  • Founders newsletter (English, Japanese)
  • Peace gala programs, tickets, postcards
  • English Language Program completion ceremony programs, student information booklets
  • Graduate School publications including course catalogs, student handbooks, commencement publications
  • Pacific Basin Research Center (PBRC) publications
    • PBRC Update
    • PBRC Distinguished Speakers Series flyers
  • Publications of SUA Residential Life and Student Activities
    • STU: Assorted student affairs publications
    • STU.10: Student Photo Directory
    • STU.11: Student Handbook and Planner
    • STU.12: New Student Orientation Block Schedule
    • STU.13: Welcome to SUA publication
    • STU.14: Parent Information Handbook
    • STU.RES: Publications of the SUA Residential Life Office

Publications and Works of Students, Alumni

Finding Aid

The SUA news article collection includes feature articles about SUA campus construction, university activities, organizational development, and SUA students. Small mentions of SUA in event listings, press releases, or writings by SUA students, faculty, are collected at the file level. In 2008, electronic media mentions were collected and the number of physical items collected was reduced. This record group expects additions. News articles are in English, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Publications include local, national, and international news outlets. For SUA press releases, see SUA03-02-002. For SUA student experiences, see SUA09-03.

Lectures and Addresses (transcriptions)

  • Addresses given by SUA President Daniel Y. Habuki, SUA staff, faculty, students, guests, and alumni

Videos, Audios and Other Time-Based Medias

Photographs, photo albums, and visual representations

  • Photographic postcard collection
  • Calabasas photographs, general
  • English Learning Program photographs
  • Graduate School photographs
  • Human Rights Lecture Series photographs
  • Aliso Viejo campus construction
  • For photographic requests, please inquire with the SUA Photography Office


  • Clothing and accessories, non-paper work and school supplies, paper items, mugs, teacups, keychains, banners, signs, and commemorative items.

University Records (restricted)

  • SUA staff and faculty may inquire about records transferred to the SUA Archives.
  • Academic Affairs and Programs
    • English Language Program administrative files and student reflections
    • Pacific Basin Research Center administrative files and the records of John D. Montgomery
  • President's Report on the Board of Trustees Meetings (2004-2015)
  • Area Heads Minutes (2001-2013)
  • Institutional Research and Assessment