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Archival Services: Soka Education Conference

Soka Education Conference

The Soka Education Conference is organized by the Soka Education Student Research Project (SESRP). The very first Soka Education Conference was held March 26-27, 2005 in Founders Hall, Soka University of America. In the conference proceedings, SESRP representatives explained: "This is the first time an academic conference encompassing and addressed to the entire community of Soka University of America (SUA) takes place on this campus. At the eve of the long awaited first graduation, our heartfelt expectation is that this conference becomes an opportunity to reflect upon the past decade of development and achievement and to direct our outlook onto the awaiting possibilities of the future. We hope this conference marks the initiation of a new stage in the development of our university; and it is in this spirit that we have chosen the title 'Soka Education: Present and Future.'"

Select presentations from the first conference are available for onsite research viewing upon request.

  • Day 1, Saturday March 26, file 1. Introduction, presentation of Soka Education Student Research Project, and presentation by Maria Sanchez on “A Humanistic Approach to Moral Education.” 
  • Day 1, Saturday March 26, file 2. Jocelyn Parkhurst: "Experiential Learning: An Integral Part of the Present and Future Soka Education," Jennifer Ohrstrom: "Actualizing Soka Education" 
  • Day 1, Saturday March 26, file 3. Jim Merod: "Globalism and Citizenship: Private Thoughts," Xiaoxing Liu: "Study abroad and being a global citizen"
  • Day 2, Sunday March 27, file 7. Ryo Kondo: "The Effect of Class Size on Teaching Methodology: An Examination of Williams College’s Tutorial Program," and Masako Delalieu: "The challenge of consistency: human rights consciousness at Soka University of America"