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Book Discussions: Not Just a #Hashtag: October 2021: Peacebuilding through Dialogue, Pt.2

Peacebuilding through Dialogue, Pt.2: Personal and Interpersonal Transformation (p.89-p.154)

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Second section: Personal and Interpersonal Transformation


  1. Your name & role at SUA (class/department)  
  2. What made you interested in this book discussion? OR What do you hope to gain from today’s and future discussions? 

Suggested questions to facilitate the group discussion

  1. What are some ways that you already engage in essential dialogue to see yourself as observer and do you feel there are ways you can improve? How? 

  2. How can we take advantage of opportunities to have meaningful dialogue in our daily lives rather than avoiding challenging conversations?

  3. How can we implement the WISE model when addressing concerns in our Soka community? 

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