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Archival Services: Ikeda Library Archives

About the Archival Services

The mission of the University Archives is to gather and manage scholastic, historic, and cultural materials that reflect the actions, values, and founders of Soka University of America (SUA); the campus activities of students, faculty and staff; and the notable accomplishments of SUA alumni. We collect, preserve, and make accessible these official records and items that contribute to an understanding of the university’s history according to the Archives Collection Guidelines.

If you have any questions or comments about the information on this page, please contact the Archival Services with rotating staff. Research hours are limited and require an appointment. Please let us know of your area of interest by using the request form for archives or digital surrogates.

​Mitsu "Eric" KimuraUniversity Archivist / (949) 480-4070

Donations and Transfers to the University Archives

Please contact the University Archives staff if you would like to donate or transfer to the university’s Archives items (physical and digital) that represent the history and mission of SUA. For more details, please see the University Archives Collection Development Policy.

We are happy to accept files through or interoffice mail, however we require a transfer form to gain contextual information about your items. If you would like to transfer items in bulk, please email

Archives Collection Guidelines

First and foremost, we are an institutional archives. Many of the records that we collect and preserve are created by the university, and they come to us through departmental transfer rather than by donation from outside sources. The University Archives staff also gathers and reviews other materials about SUA’s history, SUA campus life, and the impact SUA has had on the community from non-university generated sources as well. Research and papers of faculty, students, and alumni not directly related to the university or its mission are considered to be the private property of the individuals who produced them, and as such, their inclusion in the university’s Archives is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In the event these materials are accepted for the Archives, the transfer of rights to Archives might be required. For more details, please see the University Archives Collection Development Policy.

Inquire about the Archival Services

Archival Services Staff

Archives Team - Rotating Staff

Mitsu "Eric" Kimura - University Archivist / (949) 480-4070