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EDU 508: Quantitative and Mixed Methods in Educational Settings: Overview

This guide is designed to support Soka EDU MA students in their EDU 508 coursework.

Research Methods Guide: Table of Contents & Links to Other Ikeda Library Guides

This guide includes information and resources designed to support Soka educational leadership graduate students in their Educational Research Methods course, and in all their qualitative and quantitative coursework throughout the program. 

Books on Educational Research Methodology

  • This tab has the required readings and a list of other library books and periodicals on this topic.

Qualitative Research Course Tasks

Quantitative Research Course Tasks

In addition to the information in this LibGuide, there are a number of other LibGuides maintained by Ikeda Library that will be helpful for completing assignments for this course.  LibGuides with helpful strategies for finding journal articles using Ikeda Library's databases, and accurately and efficiently consuming those articles, include:

For library resources and external links on research proposal writing, visit the Overview page of the EDU 504 LibGuide.  The links are toward the bottom of the page.

For resources with techniques to help students apply the concept of reflexivity to their own contexts, see the Reflective Writing Resources page in the EDU 505 LibGuide. For more information on reflexivity, see the Examining Research Bias page in this guide.

To develop more in-depth searching-skills, please make an appointment for a Personalized Research Session, or visit the Reference Desk.

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