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EDU 508: Educational Research Methods: Resources for Conducting Lit Reviews, Creating Problem Statements, and Surveys

This guide is designed to support Soka EDU MA students in their EDU 508 coursework.

Creating Data Tasks: Materials for Constructing Surveys

Books on Literature Reviews

Getting Started on a Quantitative Research Project

Problem Statements

Like the other concepts discussed in this LibGuide, problem statements go by other names, such as "research questions" or "hypotheses."

Many of the books to the left on survey writing, and many of the books in the Quantitative Research section of the Books on Educational Research Methodology, provide ideas and guidelines for creating problem statements, research questions, or hypotheses.  Below is a list of some external web-based resources that might also help you get the creative quantitative research ideas flowing:  

Resources for Literature Reviews

As with the problem statements (see box above), many of the books listed on the Books on Educational Research Methodology page also discuss how and why to conduct a lit review, as well as how to write the literature search up for your own paper when your research project is complete.  Other books the library has specifically on this topic are:

Preparing Literature Reviews: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches by M. Ling Pan.

Call number: Q180.55.E9 P36 2013

Writing Literature Reviews: A Guide for Students of the Social and Behavioral Sciences  by Jose L. Galvan.

Call number:  H61.8 .G34 2013

You might also check out the Books and Resources for Graduate Level Research tab from the EDU 501 LibGuide for more general texts on writing literature reviews at the graduate level.

More resources on conducting searches of the literature, and how to write up your literature review based on your own project's focus, can be found at the following external websites.