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EDU 508: Quantitative and Mixed Methods in Educational Settings: Qualitative Research Course Tasks

This guide is designed to support Soka EDU MA students in their EDU 508 coursework.

Overview: Qualitative Research Tasks

The content of this page is layered to match the step-by-step tasks students would undertake to develop a qualitative research project.  You can access the information by clicking on the drop-down arrow on the Qualitative Research Course Tasks tab above, or by clicking on the links at the bottom of this box.

You will find a short list of books and eBooks on qualitative research in general in the box on the right hand side of this page.  The box below contains books and eBooks about qualitative research in education.  Many of these books and eBooks, in addition to the books listed under the Books on Educational Research Methodology tab, also have information on the topics of this LibGuide page.

Examining Research Bias

This page's content aligns with the EDU 508 course content on qualitative approaches, research bias, and ethical considerations.

Resources for Setting Up Research Projects

This page includes information sources on validity and reliability in qualitative research, and resources about field notes and observation.  The information on this page will support course topics: developing research questions, justifying research decision choices, and planning the research project itself. 

Resources for Interviews and Data Coding

The final page has resources for the interview portion of the research process, as well as books and websites on data coding and analysis.

Books & eBooks on Qualitative Research in Education at Ikeda Library

Books & eBooks on Qualitative Research at Ikeda Library