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Research Tips: Research Steps

Tips from topic selection to evaluating sources to aid in the research process

Research Steps

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Research Steps

1. Prepare

  • Read the entire assignment
  • Highlight amount and type of resources required
  • Underline useful keywords
  • Brainstorm additional keywords for searching

2. Plan

  • Pre-search for background information
  • Note main ideas or topics
  • Write essential questions

3. Research

  • Gather evidence from databases or search engine sites
  • Take notes that are detailed and trackable
  • Evaluate all sources from search engines such as Google
  • Create citations for each source you use
  • Find more sources than required

4. Organize and Create

  • Outline your paper
  • Select most appropriate sources
  • Create a rough draft
  • Build a works cited page

5. Re-evaluate

  • Check: Did you meet all assignment requirements?
  • Verify: Were all your sources credible and relevant?
  • Double Check: Did you correctly cite your sources?
  • Finalize draft

6. Revise and Submit

  • Have one other person review your final draft
  • Edit one final time
  • Submit to your professor