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Research Tips: Welcome

Tips from topic selection to evaluating sources to aid in the research process


Ikeda Library

Welcome to library research!

Ikeda Library staff are here to help you succeed!


Here are the many ways in which the librarians can help you:

  • Narrowing your topic
  • Build and choose keywords for searching
  • Citation Style assistance
  • Literature Reviews
  • Searching the library catalog
  • Navigating Google Scholar and Library Databases


Please don't hesitate to reach out to the Reference and Instruction team for assistance (information located below), schedule a one-on-one research consultation, or send us an email to discuss your research question, search strategy, source evaluation, research organization, and more.

The Writing Center

For Writing Assistance

The Writing Center is an academic resource available to all members of the SUA community and to writers of all levels. Its primary mission is to develop communicative skills, engage students in dialogical thinking, and provide writing instruction in alignment with American academic standards. Writing Specialists, who hold professional degrees and are experienced instructors, assist students to become self-reliant and critical learners, thinkers, readers, listeners, and writers. Writing Specialists work with students in 20-minute one-on-one tutorials and also in group workshops tailored for specific purposes. To schedule an appointment with a Writing Specialist or to sign up for a workshop, please visit the Online Scheduler or call 949-480-4060.

Find Resources Using the Library Catalog

Assignment Calculators

Enter your assignment start and due dates to get a timeline of when to complete different research and writing steps in manageable phases to save yourself stress and get your assignment done well and on time.

Fourth Years and Graduate Students may want to use the Dissertation Calculator for Capstones and Theses, respectively.

Get Research Help

Jennifer Tirrell (she/hers)

Instruction & Assessment Librarian

Kelly Wilson (she/they)

Reference & Instruction Librarian


Office: IKE 201B

Tel: 949-480-4320

Schedule a Consultation


Office: IKE 201A

Tel: 949-269-5517

Schedule a Consultation