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Student Art in the Library

Every summer, artwork created by SUA students were exhibited in the Founders Hall Art Gallery. Ikeda Library wanted to continue the celebration of our talented students’ art by showcasing these pieces in the library year-round, and in 2014, the program became a reality!

Some exceptional paintings and photographs are selected to be displayed as part of the library’s art program. We contact the students for their permission and to get the stories behind their artwork. If they give us a title and description, we add the information to the art labels displayed next to the pieces.

These outstanding works of art hang on the walls of Ikeda Library and serve to make the library a more interesting, inspiring, and inviting place. Come enjoy the art close up! 

We wish to thank the SUA artists who have allowed us to exhibit their paintings or photographs at the library. Also, our deepest gratitude goes to Soka faculty members Professor Emeritus of Painting and Drawing Arie Galles, Photography Instructor Mark Kirchner, and Associate Professor of Studio Art Anne Pearce for their support. 

This project was inspired by the University of Tennessee Libraries' Student Art in the Library.