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EDU 517: Educational Assessment: Learners, Programs, and Institutions: Resources at Ikeda Library

This LibGuide contains information and resources to support SUA graduate students as they work to complete their EDU 517 course assignments.

Databases for Education and Assessment at Ikeda Library

These educational databases have a lot a great material and will be useful for your course assignments.  PsycTESTS is a good database for finding assessment instruments, and the other databases might have articles that will help you write the instrument assessment essay.  You are also very likely to find appropriate articles for your article review assignment in one of these databases. 

Online Resources at Ikeda Library

There are a number of LibGuides on the Ikeda Library website that will be helpful to you as you complete your EDU 517 assignments.  Below you will find a link to each LibGuide and a brief description of the resource. 

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