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EDU 513: Curriculum: Status, Issues, and Trends: Overview

This LibGuide is designed to help SUA graduate students with their research and coursework for EDU 513.

Resources for EDU 513

The coursework for EDU 513 includes leading class discussions, writing annotated bib entries and memos, and giving presentations, and this LibGuide offers resources and information to help SUA graduate students as they work on each.  

Below on this page, students will find Ikeda Library online resources, such as LibGuides and eJournals, that will help them prepare for and complete their course assignments.  There are links to the required texts in the Books for Spring 2018 tab, and books and eBooks on curriculum, as well as external links to information on curriculum development and critiquing curriculum and curriculum change, under the Resources for Curriculum Project tab. 

Students can get one-to-one research help by requesting a research tutorial or by visiting the Reference Desk.

Education LibGuides @ Ikeda Library

Many of the Education LibGuides at Ikeda Library include information and resources designed to help SUA graduate students in their coursework.  Pages from these LibGuides pertinent to the assignments for EDU 513 have been listed below.

Be sure to check out the Citations LibGuide for resources on APA.