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EDU 504 Comparative and International Education: Overview

This LibGuide is designed to support the graduate students taking EDU 504 in their coursework.

Resources at Ikeda Library & External Resources for Proposal Writing

This LibGuide is designed to point students to library resources that will help them complete course-specific assignments, as well as offer them resource suggestions to expand their knowledge and research skills based on the topics of comparative and international education.

This semester's course assignments include weekly presentations. Two LibGuides that have information pertinent to this assignment are:

Presentations and Presenting Skills, which includes library materials available, external resources, and information on how to adjust a presentation to a given context, and

Facilitating Discussions, which offers tips for writing discussion and facilitator questions, and links to sources on multi-level questioning. 

You will also find more resources on lesson planning for peer-to-peer presentations such as professional development workshops (common in the field of education) in this LibGuide under the Lesson Planning and SLO Information tab. These resources will be helpful in preparing for conference audiences as well.

The themes explored in this class often correspond to a national or international professional conference SUA students might attend.  Resources on conferences, conference attendance, and conference presentations are also available on the Ikeda Library website.

Writing Conference Proposals & Presenting

Conference Presentations 

Attending and Writing Up Conferences

Conference Preparation

Conference Write-Ups

In anticipation of the final paper for this course, students might choose to compile an annotated bibliography of appropriate sources.  You will find information to help you on the Annotated Bibliographies page of the Organizing and Maintaining Resources LibGuide.  The research paper has two components: a case study format and a compare/contrast structure.  You will find information on writing case studies in this LibGuide under the Resources for Case Studies and International Education; the information on the Strategies for Developing Compare/Contrast Research Projects page of the EDU 506 LibGuide will also be helpful.

In previous semesters, blogs were used in this course.  The resources below about blogging in education, active reading, and reflective writing might help students make the most of this semester's course readings:

Blogging for Educators

Active Reading Techniques

Reflective Writing Resources

Proposal Writing Resources

The links below provide resources for research proposal writing.  In your professional career as an educator or educational administrator, you will be called upon to write many different kinds of proposals.  While the suggestions these pages offer pertain specifically to research proposals, you'll find quite a bit of the information is transferrable to grant writing, new course or program proposals, and proposals for instituting or changing institutional policies.  

In this way, these resources can help you develop a broader sense of the genre, help you think about what to include in your proposal this time around, and help you develop habits of thought for future projects--including your thesis.  eBooks on writing proposals for various purposes are listed to the right, in the box under Guest Speakers.

Guest Speakers 2018 & 2019

There will be guest speakers for 504 this semester.  You can find out more about their research and backgrounds by clicking on their names below.

Guest Speaker Spring 2017

Guest Speakers Spring 2016

Guest Speakers Spring 2015

eBooks for Proposal Writing