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Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ: Film

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Searching and Accessing Film

Can I still have access to physical films while being off campus?  

Yes, for research purposes. We will mail them to domestic students only. Also, consider checking our streaming videos on ProQuest/Alexander Academic Videos Online and Docuseek which you may access through the Library Database page. 

Can I still show films to my class? 

Yes. If the films are not available from the streaming film databases we subscribe to (i.e. ProQuest/Alexander Academic Videos Online and Docuseek), please fill out the Film Delivery Request Form.  The library will research and see if the film(s) may be available. We will purchase the streaming right for the individual films if necessary. 

When these options are unavailable, we will work with the IT department to make the films accessible in a Course Group in MS Stream. Your students will need to be added to the Course Group so that they can view the film. Please contact Jenn Tirrell for assistance. 

We recommend that you submit this form as early as possible; some films may need to be purchased, which requires longer processing time. 

Can I screenshare films via Zoom with my class? 

Yes, if you have legally purchased the film (your personal DVD or digital download or checked it out from the Library).  

Screensharing is NOT an option for streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. as it violates the streaming contract for personal viewing only. Screensharing should only be considered if and when the Library cannot obtain a streaming copy (which can occur if the title is unavailable or because of budget constraints). Screensharing falls within Fair Use only under the following conditions: 

  1. Only registered students in the course can access the session via Zoom or another platform (do not publicly publish the meeting link except within your course’s Brightspace page) 

  2. The class session is not recorded 

  3. Only show the portion of the film necessary to support your curriculum (similar to requesting chapters in Course Reserves when you don’t need the entire book) 

Instructor commentary/lecture and/or student discussion over the course of the showing adds greatly to the Fair Use defense of screensharing the film. 

DVD players can be borrowed from the IT department. DVDs can be borrowed from the Library by emailing a library staff and picking up at Curbside.

How do I screenshare in Zoom?

After selecting ‘Share Screen’ in your Zoom menu, a pop-up menu will appear. You will need to enable sharing the sound. 

  1. Check ‘Share Computer Sound’ to enable meeting participants to access audio. 
  2. Also check ‘Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clip’ to optimize the meeting’s settings. 
  3. Make sure your volume is an appropriate level. 
  4. Select the thumbnail showing your video player to allow Zoom to share only your video player’s interface. 
  5. Click the ‘Share’ button to begin. 


How do I get lists of videos?

Please refer to the linked list below.