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Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


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FAQ: Library Account

How do I access my library account?  

On the Ikeda Library homepage, click “My Account” underneath the catalog search bar. A new tab will open to a new page which will prompt you to enter your username (your SUA ID number) and password. Please note: this is NOT the same ID number as your Brightspace account. You will need your ID number that is on your SUA badge. For step-by-step instructions with images, please click here to follow the Library Account Access Instructions.

Through your library account, you can: 

  • View/renew your checked out library items 
  • Save specific search results in your research (and manage your research collections) 
  • Track requests

I’m a first-year student and don’t have my SUA student ID badge. How do I access my library account? 

We can look it up for you! Send us an email at and we will send you your ID information. Once you receive a response, you will need to set-up your Library account log-in before you can use it. 

I’m preparing to study abroad, what do I need to do for my Library account before I travel? 

Return all library items before departing campus. You will be financially responsible for replacement fees for items lost or damaged. This policy will be enforced even if you claim you gave your library items to a friend to return and they failed to do so.

If you have NOT activated your Pass for free, unlimited access to the New York Times website, you must do so before you leave the campus. For guided instructions, please click here for NYT Access Instructions.

The Ikeda Library staff will be happy to help you with your research any time! Email us with your questions. Bon voyage and have a great time abroad! 

FAQ: Borrowing & Returning

How many library items can I check out?

There is no limit to how many items you can check out. Please consider that you must return everything on time to avoid overdue fines.

How long can I have a library item?

  • Books = 90 days
  • Media (DVD, CD, DVD player) = 14 days
  • Journals & Magazines (back issues only) = 14 days

Can I renew a library item?

Yes, you may renew an item up to 3 times for the amount of time listed below. You may renew materials online in your library account or come in person to the circulation desk. 

  • Books = 28 days
  • Media (DVD, CD, DVD player) = 7 days
  • Journals & Magazines (back issues only) = 7 days

What if I want an item that someone else has checked out?

A hold can be placed on a title that is checked out by another patron. To do this online, click the “Request” link on top of the specific title record in the library catalog. A hold request also may be made by contacting the library. Once the item is returned and ready for check out, you will receive an email notification. 

Can you just tell me who has the book? 

Library staff follow strict privacy guidelines. We do not give out any information about our borrowers.

Where do I return books?

They can be returned from outside to a return box, located between the library front entrance and 24-hour room entrance.

I assist professors’ research and want to borrow library books for them. What should I do? 

Faculty must permit borrowing privileges before we can allow a student to check out library materials on their account. Please fill out this form with the faculty member and bring the completed form to the Circulation Desk at Ikeda Library or email

FAQ: Library Spaces

Does the library have individual or group study rooms? Are they reserveable?

When looking for a relaxing place to study, Ikeda Library has several options across each of our floors. Find a spot for yourself or for your group to meet to work together. The study rooms are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis; Group Study Rooms are available for reservation. Please note that during our closure, the rooms are not available. 

Can I bring food or drinks into the library?

No food is allowed in the library. Consuming drinks in tightly covered containers such as travel mugs and tightly sealed bottles is permissible. This policy is placed in order to protect the library resources, furniture, computers, and other equipment from damage and insect infestation. 

Is it possible to hold events in the library like reading sessions, guest speaker lectures, book club, etc.?

To reserve the Grand Reading Room for campus events, the request form must be submitted in advance. You will be notified upon approval. The same library policies apply to these rooms; no food and drinks are allowed in these rooms. After the event is over, all chairs and tables must be put back to the original setting.

What do I do if it is too hot or too cold in the library?

You can submit a Facilities Request on the Portal. Scroll down to the Facilities - Create Work Request button. Click on the button to open the form and complete the Requestor, Location, Problem (choose Cold Call or Hot Call), and Description sections. A library staff member will be happy to assist you or telephone Facilities if you would like.

What if it is too noisy in the library and I can’t focus?

The library is intended as a place of study. Library users are expected to show consideration for others using the library. On all floors, quiet is to be maintained. Quiet is defined as low hushed voices. Earphones must be worn to listen to audio output in all areas of the library except the group study rooms. If audio output is audible by another user, it is considered too loud. Headphones are available for check out at the Circulation Desk. Cell phone conversation is not allowed in the library.

We have many study rooms and areas to use, which are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, we also recommend the many peaceful, scenic areas across campus to enjoy when the weather permits. Talk to library staff for our personal recommendations!