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eBooks: ProQuest Ebook Central

ProQuest Ebook Central

Annotating PQ Ebooks

It is best to annotate in the online reader and then export the annotations as they will go away once the loan period expires. 

To annotate:

  1. Open the book by clicking the “Read Online” button.  
  2. The annotation tools will be visible any time the book is open (see green box in image below)
    • Highlight: Use cursor to select text for highlighting and then choose color: yellow, blue, or magenta. 
    • Note: Use cursor to select text for notation, click the note icon, and click Save when finished with note. 
      • Clicking on the Note tool without selecting text beforehand will generate a note for the overall page. 
    • Bookmark: Click the Bookmark icon to mark any pages that you want to . 
  3. All annotations will appear listed by page and type in the Annotation Panel (see red box in image below), which can be opened by clicking the star icon in the left sidebar. 

ProQuest eBook page with highlighted and noted text. Annotation panel labelled in a red box and annotation tools labelled in a green box

Delete & Export Annotations

Delete Annotations:

  1. In the Annotation Panel, highlight the ones to delete and click the trashcan icon. 

  2. In the Ebook, double-click on highlights and notes and click the trashcan icon. 

Export Annotations:

  1. Go to your Bookshelf. 

  2. Each Ebook will have four icon options. Select the last one with the three dots. Then select “Export Notes” in the dropdown menu. Note: any highlighted text will not be included in the export.

    • ProQuest eBook with a red arrow pointing to the export notes function with the export notes label in a red box

  3. Annotations will be downloaded as a .txt file.