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EDU 503: History and Philosophy of Education and Leadership: Overview

This LibGuide for SUA graduate students provides information on, and offers links to, resources that will help students complete EDU 503 course tasks.


Welcome to the Ikeda Library LibGuide for EDU 503: History and Philosophy of Education & Leadership.

You will find information and links in this guide that will help you complete course tasks and explore other topics related to the History and Philosophy of Education.  An annotated list of other useful Ikeda Library LibGuides has been provided in the box to the right.

Research help is available!  You can visit the Circulation Desk Monday through Saturday, or request an individual research session by filling out this form.

More Online Support for EDU 503 Course Tasks

Below is a list of Ikeda Library LibGuides that have information or resources that will helpful for the course tasks for EDU 503.  Each link is followed by a brief description of the guide and the course task it would be most helpful for.

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