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Visitor Information: Library Resources

Library services and resources available to the general public.

Connecting to SUA Wifi: Step by Step directions

Visitors can connect their mobile devices to SUA's Wi-Fi network by following these steps.
***Note: Do not use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browsers***

  • Click on the wireless icon to view the available networks.
  • Choose SUA-Guest (A window will come up asking for login credentials.)
  • Click on the “Click Here” link next to “Don’t have an account?”


  • Enter your email address, check mark the box to confirm you accept the terms of use, and select the Register button.

Connect to wireless screenshot 2


  • Once you have successfully registered you will be routed to the SUA's homepage.

Connect to wireless screenshot 3

Chromebase Computers for Visitors

The functionality of these computers allows web content reading, browsing, and computing. We do not offer support for printing or desktop programs, however there are USB drives in the back of the monitor if you wish to save files. You have access to the Internet and content from all Ikeda Library electronic database subscriptions. Visitors should use the "SUA-Guest" wifi.

A personal login is required to use cloud computing applications such as Google Drive, Evernote, Word Online, and Excel Online. If you do not have an account, all of these programs offer free account sign-up. You may navigate in the web browser to your cloud computing resources, or click the icon in the lower left of your monitor to view all available apps.

After each guest logs off, all browser history and settings are cleared. To log-off, please use the link in the lower right of your screen.

Guide for Visitors

Ikeda Library is open to the members of general public during the SUA business hours when classes are in session: Monday - Friday: 9AM to 5PM; Saturday & Sunday: Closed. 

Library Resources
Library books and periodicals are available for browsing only. None of the library materials are available for the general public to check out. However, we offer Interlibrary Loan services and lend books or send periodical articles to the participating libraries in the United States. Please contact your public or college library and ask them to borrow books from us.

Study Desks
The study desks on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor are available for use by the general public.

Group Study Rooms
The group study room on the 1st floor may be used by the general public. It is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. The general public using the 1st floor study room will be asked to surrender the room after 1 hour from the time of occupancy if other patrons are waiting. A room left unoccupied for 30 minutes is considered abandoned. Any items left in the room will be turned over to campus security.

24-hour Study Room
The seats in 24-hour study room on the 2nd/main floor of the library are reserved for the current SUA students.

Noise Level 
The library is intended as a place of study. Library users are expected to show consideration for others using the library. Earphones must be worn to listen to audio output in all areas of the library. If audio output is audible by another user, it is considered too loud. Cell phone conversation is not allowed in the library.

No Food in the Library 
Food attracts bugs, mice and other pests into the building. Please enjoy your snacks outside the library. Beverages may be brought into the building in travel-type cups, with lids. These cups may be purchased in the bookstore. Coffee cups, with lids, may also be brought into the library. Soda cups with straws are not acceptable, as they spill easily if dropped or knocked over. Thank you for your cooperation.

Lost and Found
Ikeda Library is not responsible for any lost items. Lost and Found items are picked up by the campus security staff (Tel: 949-480-4100).