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Library Updates: Reminder: NYT


If you received a message that you have reached your monthly limit, you may have not completed the process of pass activation or renewal.

To activate your pass:

  1. You need to be on campus and connected to the Soka network. 
  2. Click this link and create your account, using your email.

Note: If you are an existing digital subscriber, you have the option to cancel your personal paid account and use the Soka's group pass. After cancelling your account with account service, wait at least 24 hours for the account to be removed. Then you can activate the pass.

Once activating a pass, you need to be logged in to your account on the device you are using to read the NYT content. While logged in, you can access unlimited content from any network or location for the duration of your pass. 

To renew your pass:

  1. Go to this page and type in your Soka credential (your email and the password to enter the Soka's network).
  2. Proceed to NYT website and click "Log in" to type in your email and the password you set for your NYT account. The expiration of your pass should be extended for one year.