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Library Updates: Fall, 2019

New eBooks

About 2,000 titles were added to the EBSCO's ebook collection in October. Here are some samples of University Press books selected for the SUA community.

How to view "My Account" and renew due dates

New Online Journals

New eBooks in Gale Virtual Reference Library

Campus Event Support

Relevant resources for the Critical Conversations are linked from here.

Workshops Open to the SUA Community

- 9/25 and 9/27: Zotero Workshops

At Gandhi 303A from 4:45 to 5:30 p.m. We will download Zotero and explore useful features that will help organize and cite your research resources.

- 9/17-9/20: Intro to Research workshops

  1. Inquiring Minds Want to Know! - Choosing a topic or a particular aspect of an assigned topic can be a challenging process. Learn how to ask probing questions that lead to discovery and ultimately formulate your thesis statement. (Tue 9/17)
  2. Let's Go Exploring! - Research is a journey down many different paths. To minimize your frustration and maximize your effort, learn how to come up with key search terms and use different search tools to get the resources that you need. (Wed 9/18)
  3. Says Who? - Sources need to be authoritative and relevant to your topic. Learn how to be critical evaluators of resources in order to determine which ones to use in your research. (Thu 9/19)
  4. Giving Props - Information is an intellectual and economic commodity that is protected by U.S. Law. Learn how and when to give credit to information creators through proper citation of sources. (Fri 9/20)