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Library Services for Students: Study Rooms

Library resources and services for the SUA students

Two 24-hour Study Rooms for Students

24 hour study roomRoom 24HR on the 2nd/main floor of the library

24-hour study room on the 4th floor (Room 461)
Room 461 on the 4th floor of the library

Study Area on the 1st Floor

1st floor study area

4th Floor Grand Reading Room 400

Grand reading room
The reading room on the 4th floor is open from 8 a.m. to Midnight to the SUA community.

To reserve the room 400 for special events, please fill out the form Reserve Grand Reading Room (#400). The same library policies apply to these rooms. After the event is over, all chairs and tables must be put back to the original setting.

Study Areas on the 3rd Floor

Available to the SUA community and visitors

3rd floor seatings

Study desks on the 3rd floor

Study carrel

Four Group Study Rooms on the 3rd Floor

Group study room

  • The group study rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis for the current SUA students and employees. To reserve a room, please fill out the form Reserve a Group Study RoomA room key can be checked out in exchange for a campus identification card at the library’s Circulation desk.  
  • The TV and media player (VHS, DVD, and Blu ray) are available in all the group study rooms. External DVD drives are available for check out at the IT Helpdesk.
  • The same library policies apply to these rooms; no food and drink is allowed in these rooms. All chairs and tables must be put back to the original setting if moved.
  • Individuals are asked to limit their use of study rooms to 3 hours at a time if other groups are waiting. A room left unoccupied for 30 minutes is considered abandoned. Any items left in the room will be turned over to campus security.