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Library Services for Students: Hardware

Library resources and services for the SUA students

Printer Location

A copier/scanner is available in the 24-hour study room on the 2nd floor.

Location Functions Printer Name
1st fl. Copy room Print (HP 4015) LIB101-H4015
2nd fl. 24-hr study  Print (HP 4015) Lib24HrRmH4015
2nd fl. 24-hr study  Color Print, Copy, Scan (Xerox 7845) LIB202C-X7845
2nd fl. Reference collection Print (HP 4015) LibRef-H4015
3rd fl. Copy room Color Print, Copy, Scan (Canon 5035) LIB301F-C5035
4th fl. Grand reading #400 Print, Copy, Scan (Xerox 4250) Lib400-x4250
4th fl. 24-hr study #461 Print (Epson 5194) Not on the network yet LIB461-E5194

Installing New Printers

All campus printers should be installed using PLOGIC. Students must be on SUA-Wifi only! No other wifi connection will work with this procedure.

Type the URL into any internet browser. IT recommends Internet Explorer for PC laptops. You will need to install the PLOGIC extension.

Once PLOGIC is installed, the printers are easy to find, organized by building. The link to PLOGIC is also on the SUA Portal, called “Printers.” Please contact the IT helpdesk if you have any questions.

FAQ: Hardware & Facility

Can I view videos in the library?

Current SUA students and employees may use the TV and media player (VHS, DVD, and Blu ray) in the group study rooms on the 3rd floor to view media material. They can also borrow external DVD/CD drives and headphones for 7 days from the library, or 10 business days from the IT Helpdesk. The IT Helpdesk is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.  

Do you have a microfilm reader?

There are two microfilm readers in the library. You will find one on the 1st floor printer room, and the other one is located on the 2nd floor. Please see a library staff at the Circulation Desk if you have any questions.

What do I do if the printer is out of paper?

If the library is open you can ask a library staff member for help, but you are always free to add the paper yourself. There is paper in the cabinets in the 24 Hour Study Room copy room.

How do I log onto wireless?

"SUA-Wifi" is for the SUA students and employees, and "SUA-Guest" is for the visitors. Please contact the IT Help Desk at 949-480-4357 if you have any questions.

What do I do if it is too hot or too cold in the library?

You can submit a Facilities Request on the Portal. Look under the orange Services header in the upper right hand corner for the Facilities Create Work Request link. Choose Hot call or Cold call depending on the problem. A library staff member will be happy to telephone Facilities if you would like.

Computers and Printers


  • Terminal computers and printers in Ikeda Library are made available mainly to offer information that supports the research and learning of SUA students.
  • SUA log in is required to access productivity software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access. In accordance with licensing and legal restrictions, they are not available to the general public.
  • The databases subscribed by the library may be used only by enrolled SUA students, employees, and occasional walk-in patrons. All individuals are to follow the strict copyright restrictions set by each publisher. Sharing documents or images obtained in the databases to someone other than the mentioned above are prohibited by the publishers.
  • The online library catalog and the Internet are accessible without authentication.
  • Use of laptop computers is allowed in the library. Unplugging any library equipment or cables is strictly prohibited.


Ikeda Library is committed to the principles of freedom of thought, inquiry, and expression as set forth in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The library is also guided by the following ALA statements on access to information.

Therefore, the library does not monitor, filter, or censor the information that is available on the terminal computers. At the same time, the library has no control over the information accessible on the Internet and is not responsible for its contents. The workstations in the library are not provided with filtering software that limits access to information.

Use of library computers implies acceptance of this practice.

The Internet contains a wide variety of materials, expressing many points of view. Library patrons use the Internet at their discretion. Users should be aware that some information may be inaccurate, outdated, or offensive. They are advised to properly evaluate the resources according to their academic and research needs.

Patrons are expected to use the terminals in an appropriate and respectful manner. In the public forum of the library, no one should be inadvertently exposed to images that they find offensive. Displaying of sexually explicit images where others can see them may constitute sexual harassment according to the university policies. Library staff may intervene and direct users to cease this activity.