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Photography & Digital Images: Home

Reservation Notice

While we will do our best to anticipate requests and accommodate last minute requests, 2-3 weeks in advance for reserving our staff is strongly recommended due to the changing nature and scope of our photography office, and also helps with us work with you to plan commercial and lighting setups in advance.

As much as possible, please direct all communications to, where a rotating staff monitors and responds to messages.

Transition Notice

We are in a transition period from an office that formerly focused on archival, historical event coverage, to a new one that focuses on creating high impact, commercial-style photography for promotional purposes for campus stakeholders.

Phase One: 

  1. We will reduce quantity of images recorded in favor of quality in order to improve financial and labor sustainability of our operations.
  2. We will reduce coverage of events
    1. to shorter windows of time (~15m) whenever visual content doesn't change throughout the event
    2. in general to give higher priority to creating commercial-style images that impact the university mission statement and advertising on a macro level.  
  3. We will work with campus organizers who require longer coverage lengths to find alternative solutions that will work for them.

Phase Two: 

  1. We hope to expand our services to include commercial style images for advertising purposes, pending recruitment and training.
    1. for department heads and directors.
    2. in collaboration with student groups on a case-by-case basis, as long as those photos can be used publicly for marketing.

Phase Three: 

  1. We hope to offer one or two unannounced new service(s) that constitute a paradigm shift in the way we produce and distribute media.
  2. We will announce these service(s) after an initial trial period with a limited test group to fine tune our operation and ensure financial and operational sustainability before public release.

Thank you for your patience,

SUA Photography Team

Quick Guidelines and Rules

  1. Coverage of events without visual changes are limited to 15 minutes of coverage.  If the event visual content changes, we will reevaluate on a case-by-case basis pending photographer availability and resources.
  2. Communication before an event is required one week in advance, and strongly encouraged two weeks or earlier in advance so that we can get your event or photo shoot into our pipeline during weekly assignment meetings.
  3. Student groups requesting images from larger events are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Social media guidelines - pending

Detailed Guidelines: Continued Legacy Support

We will provide continued legacy support for the following shoots:

  1. 1st Year Photo Directory, Study Abroad Passport, and Graduating Cap and Gown Photos
  2. Incoming 1st Year, Outgoing 4th Year, Alumni Reunion, and English Bridge Program Group Photos
  3. Welcome Week, Commencement Ceremony, with some modification of coverage

Detailed Guidelines: Discontinued Legacy Support

We will eliminate some coverage we have offered in the past that are purely archival or complimentary in nature and unsustainable for labor and cost reasons.

  1. Images of people during meals where they are chewing on food, reduction of "group table shots" due to interruptive nature
  2. "Commemorative" photos at the conclusion of events unless requested in advance
  3. "Side shots" during Group Photos
  4. Private parties, Employee parties
  5. Comprehensive coverage of student groups during large events such as International Festival.
  6. Temporarily: distribution of images of specific individuals from large events to individual students, staff and faculty.  This is unsustainable to offer at the present time.  We recommend scheduling new commercial or portrait shoots with us when a marketable image of an individual is required.
  7. Although we always strive to push technology and workflow to reduce our editing and delivery time, we cannot at this time guarantee rapid same-night or next-day deliveries for event organizers and attendees who want to relive the moment.
  8. Extended coverage following individuals around.  In general, we recommend hiring outside vendors if you need a photographer to accompany an individual greeting guests for an extended portion of an event.

Primary Point of Contact

Photo Team - rotating staff / phone pending

Head of Photography Office

Charlie Wang / (949) 480-4284