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eBooks: Annotating EBSCO Ebooks

How to Annotate in EBSCO

General Information

Ebooks from EBSCO E-books Academic Collection can be annotated in two ways: directly in the online eReader or downloaded to Adobe Digital Editions on your device. We do not recommend the Adobe Digital Editions option as the notes cannot be printed or downloaded. In either case, annotations will expire when the loan period expires, so be sure to export any annotations if they will be needed in the future.



Annotating EBSCO eBooks online

Creating annotations 

  1. You need to be signed into your EBSCO account in order to use the Notes feature 

  1. Click on the book title or image to open the book 

  1. Scroll down to the Table of Contents to enter the book where you want 

  1. Select any text that you would like to annotate and copy it 

  1. Click on My Notes  

  • Located in left margin (desktop computers) 
  • Tap icon with 3 vertical bars and dots (phones, MACS, etc.) 

  1. Click on New Note 

  1. Paste the text 

  • Though it won’t show in the note box, the page number is automatically noted and will appear in your My Notes list 

  • EBSCO also adds the MLA and APA citation for the eBook at the end of each note

  • Place quotation marks around pasted text to indicate it is taken directly from the eBook 

  1. Annotation options are: Bold, Italic, or Underline 

  • You can also add your own notes, questions, analysis, etc.  

Navigating annotations 

  1. Click on My Notes 

  1. Notes can be sorted by Date or Page (automatically logged by EBSCO) 

  1. Within each note, you can go to the eBook page, as well as edit, print, or delete each note

Printing annotations 

  1. Select by Page or Date before clicking on Print List 

  1. In Print pop-up box, select Printer for a hard copy or Save as a PDF for an electronic copy