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eBooks: Annotating ProQuest Ebooks

How to Annotate in ProQuest

General Information

Ebooks from ProQuest Ebook Central can be annotated in two ways: directly in the online eReader or downloaded to Adobe Digital Editions on your device. We do not recommend the Adobe Digital Editions option as the notes cannot be printed or downloaded. In either case, annotations will expire when the loan period expires, so be sure to export any annotations if they will be needed in the future.


To annotate in the online reader

  1. Open the book by clicking the “Read Online” button. Any annotated books will automatically be saved to your Bookshelf on ProQuest. 
  2. The annotation tools will be visible any time the book is open or can be accessed by selecting any word or phrase with your cursor.  
    1. Copy: Generates the word or phrase selected with basic bibliographic information to add to your clipboard to copy and paste into a note or another document.  
    2. Highlight: Highlight in yellow, blue, or magenta. 
    3. Note: Write a note and click Save. 
      1. Selecting the Note tool from the annotation tools will generate a note for the overall page and will be distinguished by a square note icon in the top corner of the Ebook page. 
  3. To bookmark a page, select the Bookmark icon from annotation tools or the greyed-out icon at the top of the Ebook page. Active bookmarks will appear a bold purple on the Ebook page. 
  4. All of the above annotations will appear in the Annotation Pane, listed by page and type, which can be accessed by clicking the star icon in the online reader’s sidebar. 
  5. To delete: 
    1. From any point in the Ebook: 

  1. Open the Annotation Pane. 

  1. Highlight any annotation and click the trashcan icon. 

  1. From the page: 

  1. Highlight or note, double-click on it and select the trashcan icon that appears.  

  1. A bookmark, either click on the existing bookmark on the page or on the bookmark tool in the annotation tools.  


Navigating annotations: 

  1. Open the Annotation Pane. Annotations are listed by page and type and categorized by chapter.  

  1. To skip to a specific annotation, open the dropdown of the appropriate chapter and click anywhere in the desired annotation. The Ebook will navigate to the page.  


To export annotations: 

  1. Remember, annotations will expire when the Ebook’s loan period ends, so be sure to export any annotations you would like to save. 

  1. Go to your Bookshelf. 

  1. Each Ebook will have four icon options. Select the last one with the three dots. Then select “Export Notes” in the dropdown menu. 

  1. ProQuest will automatically download all of the annotations for that Ebook as a .txt file, which can then be saved as is or copied and pasted into your preferred word processor or note-taking platform.