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About Us: Study Rooms

General information about the Ikeda Library

Study Room Reservations

Study Rooms

First Floor

The first floor of the library is actually its basement. Down here you can find several collections: Foreign Languages, Founders', Children and Young Adult, Ikeda, and SUA MA theses, and Periodical collections. A printer/copier, terminal computer, and group study room are also available.


Second Floor (Main Floor) 

The second floor is our main floor, and it's where the Information Desk and the office rooms of all the library staff are located. The reference books and oversized books are available on this floor. The new periodicals as well as books and DVDs recently added to our collection are on the display. This floor is also equipped with terminal computers, microfilm/fiche reader, scanner, printer, and copier. The 24 Hour Study Room has its own copy room where lockers are placed for student use. 

Computers for student use next to the reference collection. 

The 24 Hour Study Room is a study hot-spot for SUA students.  

Third Floor

The third floor of the library houses the main circulation collection, the DVD collection, and multiple areas for quiet study. 

The third floor has four private group study rooms. They are equipped with video players.

Fourth Floor

The fourth floor hosts Ikeda Library's Grand Reading Room, which has been the site for lectures, book signings, class discussions, study groups, and lots of reading! It is open to SUA students, faculty, and staff until midnight daily.   

Grand Reading Room

24-hour study room #461 on the 4th floor is also reserved for the SUA community.

Study Room Policies

When looking for a relaxing place to study, Ikeda Library has several options across each of our floors. Find a spot for yourself or for your group to meet to work together. The study rooms are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis; Group Study Rooms are available for reservation.


Group Study Rooms

All study rooms are reserved for the SUA community. The individuals are asked to limit their use of group study rooms to 3 hours at a time if other groups are waiting. The rooms on the 3rd floor are equipped with video players. Room reservation may be made by submitting the online form. A room left unoccupied for 15 minutes is considered abandoned. Any items left in the room will be turned over to campus security.


4th Floor Grand Reading Room 400

To reserve the Grand Reading Room for campus events, the request form must be submitted in advance. Students may ask a Student Affairs staff to make the reservation on their behalf. After the event is over, all chairs and tables must be put back to the original setting.

Noise Level

  • The library is intended as a place of study. Library users are expected to show consideration for others using the library. On all floors, quiet is to be maintained. Quiet is defined as low hushed voices.
  • Earphones must be worn to listen to audio output in all areas of the library except the group study rooms. If audio output is audible by another user, it is considered too loud. Headphones are available for check out at the Circulation Desk.  

Food and Drink

  • No food is allowed in the library. Tables and chairs are available outside of the library and cafeteria.
  • Consuming drinks in tightly covered containers such as travel mugs and sealed bottles is permissible.
  • This policy is placed in order to protect the library resources, furniture, computers, and other equipment from damage and insect infestation.

Smoking and Tobacco Products

  • There is no smoking allowed in any part of the library at any time. The spitting of chewing tobacco or similar products into a container is prohibited in the library.
  • The designated smoking areas on campus are set by the university to enhance the health of students and employees while protecting the individual rights of smokers.
  • As defined in the university policy, smoking is not allowed in the following areas:
  • Near the entrance doors to reduce exposure by those entering or exiting the building
  • In heavily traveled pedestrian areas, including the foyer at the top of the stairs between the I.T. and Ikeda Library entrances
  • Near areas where people congregate to eat or study