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EDU 512: Distinguished Practitioners Series for Educational Leadership and Societal Change: Overview

This LibGuide contains information about the speakers for this course and material to support SUA graduate students as they complete their assignments.

Distinguished Practitioners Series

The graduate-level educational leadership course EDU 512 is structured differently from the other courses in the program.  Instead of having one professor for the whole course, the students will have 5 different teachers, all of whom are educational practitioners of one kind or another. 

To the right are links to other LibGuides maintained by Ikeda Library that will help you complete the course assignments for EDU 512.  Below it are links to other websites with resources for writing interpretive papers. 

For each guest speaker, you will find a link to his or her biographical information and links to course readings, when available, either from materials held by the library or that are available online. 

Resources for Writing Interpretive Essays

Below are links to other websites that describe how to write interpretive papers.  As with any resource, you will need to determine what your own writing needs are (and your professor's requirements, of course) before deciding which resource, or which elements of a resource, will be most helpful. Since Interpretive essays are commonly used in the humanities, two of the resources focus on writing about literature and history.

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