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EDU 505 Educational Leadership Theory and Practice: Library and Online Resources

This LibGuide contains information to support Soka graduate students in their coursework for EDU 505.

Library Guides and Assignments

Ikeda Library has many online resources to help you with your assignments.  

LibGuides that will be useful for your assignments in EDU 505 this semester include:

For many of your classes, and many of the educational journals you will eventually want to publish in, APA is the required reference style.  However, you might also be required to use other reference styles for other classes or contexts.  This guide includes information on all the reference styles used on campus.  For more help with citations, you can also visit the Circulation Desk or set up a research appointment.  

Organizing and Maintaining Resources
The information in this guide will help you collect and organize resources for your research.  The information on the Abstract Filing page will also help you prepare for your analytical papers, as you dissect the different elements that make up the arguments of other researchers.  The guidelines on the Annotated Bibliographies page will help you as you gather sources for your papers.

Educational Leadership and Societal Change EDU 501
This guide contains a wealth of general resources for graduate student success, as well as specific information pertinent to your coursework this semester. Topics include conferences and general presentation skills resources, browsing Ikeda Library's holdings and tips for using the library's databases in your research, and how to effectively read journal articles.  

For a complete list of LibGuides available from Ikeda Library, click here.

Resources for Writing Papers

Ikeda Library has many books on how to write papers.  You will find books for writing at the graduate level in the Books and Resources for Graduate Level Research page of the EDU 501 LibGuide, and you can get help finding other books on writing either by visiting the Reference Desk or emailing the Instruction and Assessment Librarian.

You can also visit Soka University's Writing Center for one-to-one assistance with your papers.

Be sure to always read the directions of your task carefully. The term "analytic" is used to refer to both pure analyses and argument papers.  Use external sources in light of your own professor's requirements. Many sites that talk about analytic papers focus on literary analysis papers; you will have to distinguish between what is helpful and applicable to your needs, and what does not fit into an analytical paper for an educational theory and practice course.

The structure will follow the conventions of an analytical essay.  Online resources on writing analytic papers include:

Other resources in the Ikeda Library LibGuides that will be of help to you include: