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EDU 502: Qualitative Methods in Education Settings: Other Resources

This LibGuide is designed to support SUA graduate students and help them complete their assignments for EDU 502.

Websites for Book Review Writing

The following links each describe how to write book reviews at the post-secondary level, in some cases for specific disciplines.  As with all the LibGuides created for the Educational Leadership program here at SUA, multiple resources are provided so that our graduate students can see the different ways various tasks can be completed (and how contexts can affect how tasks should be completed), and so they can make decisions about which resources best meet their own needs.  

Using Primary Materials from Field Research

There is more information on qualitative research and qualitative research techniques in the EDU 508 LibGuide (see the links on the Online Resources for EDU 502 tab in this LibGuide).  The links to external websites provided here focus on ethnography and using primary materials from field research.  These resources are meant to support students in the course tasks and discussions specific to EDU 502.  

Resources for Memo Writing