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EDU 501: Educational Leadership and Societal Change: Conference Preparation and Reports

This LibGuide is designed to support the new graduate students in their coursework for EDU 501 at Soka University of America.

Getting the Most Out of Conferences

Attending and presenting at conferences are an important part of the professional development process.  Once a person leaves graduate school, conferences become the most efficient way to continue to learn about new developments in the field, or to share ideas on improvements that can be made. 

There are many other benefits to attending conferences as well: conferences allow you to meet other members of your profession, to develop your presenting skills, and to build your knowledge of conventions and trends important to your field.

All in all, a conference can be a deeply edifying learning experience, and a great networking opportunity, that will enrich you and your work as a leader.

To help you make the most of attending conferences this semester, and participating in future conferences, this page offers information about:

1.     How to prepare for conference attendance and participation, and

2.     How to write-up a conference for your target audience.

Use the drop down menu on this page’s tab to choose the topic you wish to explore further.