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Connect with Library Staff

  • In-Person - Come to the library's 2nd floor to see us and get one-on-one assistance with any of your library service and/or research needs.
    • Click here to schedule a research consultation with either Jenn or Kelly.
  • Email - We check our email frequently. A library staff member will respond to your questions as soon as possible.
  • Call Us - You can call the information desk at 949-480-4205 or scroll down to get a particular library staff member's direct line.
  • Chat/Text Message - Communicate with librarians via MS Teams Chat/Text message for assistance with research or any questions you may have. 
  • Video Conference - We can meet via MS Teams Chat Video or Zoom which also lets us do live instructional demonstrations. 

Ikeda Library Staff Members

Mihyun Ahn, Acquisition and Student Assistant Coordinator / (949) 480-4206 / Library 2nd floor

Malgorzata "Gosha" Domagala, Interlibrary Loan and Course Reserves Coordinator / (949) 480-4109 / Library 2nd floor

Hiroko Tomono Furniss, Director of the Library / (949) 480-4116 / Library 2nd floor

Mitsu "Eric" Kimura, University Archivist / (949) 480-4070 / Library 3rd floor (308)

Yuan Liang, Systems Librarian / (949) 480-4113 / Library 2nd floor

Sherry Souktia, Library Assistant / (949) 480-4121 / Library 2nd floor

Jennifer Tirrell, Instruction and Assessment Librarian / (949) 480-4320 / Library 2nd floor

Joy Wang, Technical Services Manager / (949) 480-4114 / Library 2nd floor

Kelly Wilson, Reference and Instruction Librarian / (949) 269-5517 / Library 2nd floor

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Jennifer Tirrell (she/hers)

Instruction & Assessment Librarian

Kelly Wilson (she/hers)

Reference & Instruction Librarian


Tel: 949-480-4320

MS Teams Chat

Schedule a Consultation


Tel: 949-269-5517

MS Teams Chat

Schedule a Consultation