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Aflame and Unafraid: Events & Exhibition Guide: The Virtual Exhibition

Information and resources about the Aflame & Unafraid events series, Amnda Gorman, and the poem "The Hill We Climb"

Visit the Virtual Exhibition

Visit the Virtual Exhibition

Select the heading or follow the link to visit Aflame and Unafraid: A Virtual Exhibition on the artsteps platform. Before you go, we have a few tips to assist you in enjoying the full experience!

  1. We recommend visiting through your computer as artsteps has not been fully formatted for phone or tablet use due to to navigating the virtual gallery space.
  2. Due to the size of the exhibition and visuals, the artsteps webpage may take some time to load in your browser. We ask that you be patient - artsteps will let you know when each component is uploaded :)
  3. The exhibition is a fully interactive space. You do not need virtual reality (VR) gear of any kind to view or explore the platform.
  4. At any time in the exhibition, you can select the Information icon (a small lowercase "I") to pull up a navigation and interaction tutorial.
  5. We do not have a guided tour and instead hope you enjoy your time in the space by relaxing inside and out to enjoy the artworks. This means that you can freely move throughout the space. Simply use your mouse or trackpad to move the green footprints icon and click to where you would like to move. Additionally, you can use the map feature (a map icon in the bottom right) to navigate to specific exhibition areas.
  6. Toggle using your mouse or trackpad to get different views pf the pieces and surrounding gallery space.
  7. To access the text of any murals, exhibition text on the walls, or titles and descriptions of the artworks, click on the piece and a pop-up will generate. 
  8. One of our artworks, entitled "A Young Black Girl," is a spoken piece and will require you to click on the visible image for the audio to begin. 
  9. To interact with other visitors, click the Chat icon in the bottom right (two speech bubbles) to open a chat as if you were conversing in an in-person gallery space.

Exhibition Artworks

Exhibition Artworks

The following is a full list of artworks in the virtual exhibition, in order of appearance.

  • Image of Amanda Gorman, taken by Rob Carr, courtesy of Getty Images

  • Holding Hands by Robert Merrill 

  • Untitled [poem] by Jasmine Williams 

  • Field of Flags by Quang Pham 

  • Untitled [embroidery] by Anjali F Santos 

  • The Mountain of Happiness by Jared Chavez 

  • A Young Black Girl by Aashish Sunar 

  • Honduras by Flor de Cielo 

  • 짝사랑 (Unrequited Love) by Chaerin Her 

  • From the Canyon by Leo Salvatore 

  • The Hill We Climb by Aurora Wolf 

  • Photography series by Audrey Chu 

    • Our Reality Part 1

    • Our Reality Part 2

    • The American Dream Part 1

    • The American Dream Part 2

    • The Future Part 1

    • The Future Part 2

  • No Struggle, No Progress by Ruth Kihuguru 

  • The Tree on the Hill by Shelby Myers